Call for papers

JOBIM conference covers all areas of Bioinformatics. This includes genomics, comparative genomics and metagenomics, evolution and phylogeny, biodiversity, population genetics and genomics, sequence and pattern analysis, genome mapping and annotation, systems biology, biological networks, macromolecule structures, proteomics and interactions, gene expression, functional genomics, analysis of data from high-throughput sequencing, non-coding RNA, epigenetics and epigenomics, ontologies, databases, data integration, algorithms and statistics for bioinformatics, etc.



01 March: registration and submission opening 
02 April: end of submissions (sharp deadline). Modification still possible on EasyChair until the 6th of April.
10 May: notifcation to authors


Types of contributions

Poster (1 page maximum, in french or english): work in progress or recent contributions, already published or unpublished.  

The posters can be divided into three categories:

  • Presentation of scientific results;
  • Service activity and platform;
  • Thematic networks, working groups and associations


Demo (1 page maximum, in french or english): description of a software, database, pipeline/workflow, etc. already published or unpublished. The described resource must be accessible when submitted, and demonstrated during the conference. 

Highlight (2 pages maximum, in french or english): presentation of paper published during this year (between summer 2018 – and summer 2019). Authors should highlight the interest of the approach for the JOBIM community. The presented paper must be published and accessible when submitted. 

Proceeding (long paper, from 2 to 8 pages, in french or english): original work, unpublished when submitted.


Templates (latex, doc et odt) are provided for each type of contribution: Feel free to ask any questions related to these templates to

Manuscripts must be submitted at

When submitting their contributions, authors are asked to provide an abstract, in french or english, 1200 characters maximum, a list of keywords, and a PDF file for the manuscript.

The abstracts will be used by the programme committee for the distribution between reviewers and declarations of possible conflicts of interest.

All contributions will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the Programe Committee. Contributions not fullfilling these instructions will be rejected. 


We will keep the EasyChair server open until the 6th of april, to allow authors update their already submitted contributions.

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